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Convenience Group Inc. 45 Remarkable Years

With an entrepreneurial attitude and innovative mindset, Convenience Group has played a leading role in Canada’s window film industry for 45 years.

In 1974 window film was an unknown product.  Therefore, providing a great opportunity to be on the leading edge of a new industry.

Over the course of the first few years acceptance of this innovation from 3M grew to the point of becoming a key opportunity for building and home owners to solve the many problems associated with solar radiation.  Building owners were able to keep tenants comfortable and save energy.  Home owners were able to reduce fading and glare.

As 3M developed new products CGI was always ready to take on innovative opportunities.  In fact, this partnership with 3M has been remarkable.  45 years together developing the industry and becoming the premier brand and largest and most experienced window film dealer in Canada.  Through its 3M Authorized National Dealer Network Window Film Canada, virtually any window film project or architectural project in Canada can be designed, produced and installed.

In conjunction with FLAP, Convenience Group developed the Feather Friendly brand of products designed to reduce bird collisions with glass.  From an initiative starting in Toronto, Feather Friendly is now sold internationally in both a DIY version and a commercial version for larger projects.

According to George Turjanica founder and president, “I’m proud to have been involved with 3M and the many great employees that have been part of the success of Convenience Group.  We have grown from a small mom and pop company to Canada’s prominent window film company.  Every day brings new opportunities and excitement.”

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