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Client Testimonials


  • "Gord did an absolutely flawless install here.  Please pass on my compliments, it is a pleasure to be associated with such professionals!  Your people make us look good out there!" - Colin V.


  • "Everything went great, your installer did a great job and was very professional.  Thank you." – Darryl V.


  • "Everything looks great, and people have been stopping by all day to compliment your teams work." – Amanda C.


  • "I don’t normally send letters of appreciation for excellent customer service. Your service exceeded all of our expectations.  I think my experience with your firm warrants a shout out to you and your team.  I hope you will pass this email up the chain to the owner of Convenience Group. They should read about your team and the great job they did.

For AJ and Henry, the installers, after being here, you appreciate that the house we built took considerable thought and effort. With more than 7 years of design and construction, we experienced more than our share of bad service in the process of building and finishing our home.

Your service exceeded all our expectations.  I figured having such a small job initially that I wouldn’t even get a response.  It was prompt, and handed off professionally.  AJ was on time and courteous, explained the options and recommended the right solution.  John took the time to contact me and get the process set up correctly.

Yesterday, Henry showed up right on time, was courteous and professional and the entire process was executed, cleaned and completed.  We are happy with the result and look forward the benefits of the window film installation.

Thank you again for your service.  We appreciated it!" – Doug


  • "Thanks for coming by on Friday morning and checking in.  Jonathan, Cyprian and Johnson were great.  Not only were they pleasant, they were very knowledgeable in answering some additional questions that I had, and did a great job with the installation.  My only concern at the end of the project was the haziness of the PR70 and Ultra PR70 film when the sun was shining through, but Cyprian kindly called Ian, and reassured me that it will all be gone once the glue had time to dry (approx. 30 days).

And thanks again for your patience in answering my questions.  I will definitely pass along my recommendation when the opportunity arises." – Lillian


  • "Your product information was absolutely correct!  Guys are punctual and working hard."  We were happy with the installation process.  Hope the same four guys will be working on my project till the end.  Thanks for your cooperation." – Firoj I.


  • "Orlando just left the office and it looks amazing!  My boss wanted me to send you a quick email saying how much we highly recommend him!  The work he did was excellent and efficient!" – Alex


  • "Gord did an amazing job.  He put the old window film back on temporarily, so that will help me.  He is also bringing back to the office two new window film samples.  This should help with the choice of film, and shade levels, for each installation.  So far so good!  Now we just have to wait.  Thanks for your help." – Donna M.
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