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Smash-and-Grab Attempt Is a Bust, Retailer Credits 3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Safety & Security Film



A national retail chain recently experienced a break-in at a store in Stuart, Florida. Burglars smashed through the windows, reached in, and quickly grabbed $35,000 worth of jewelry, before police officers could respond to the store’s security alarm. The company wanted to do something to defend its assets in the event of another burglary attempt.



Store management researched solutions to increase the building’s security. They concluded that the existing security alarm system was ineffective for smash-and-grab crimes, because such burglaries take place before police officers reach the scene. They also considered installing shutters but were unhappy with their appearance.

Finally, they called in Joanne Schultz, owner of Tropic Tint, a local authorized 3M Scotchshield security window film dealer. “Our 3M Scotchshield Ultraflex system combines micro-thin layers of Scotchshield security window film with a flexible attachment system to hold glass together—and in the window frame—when it’s under extreme stress,” says Schultz. “With this combination, it’s very difficult to break through the glass.” The store’s management team decided to move ahead with the installation of 3M Scotchshield security window film because it provided an inconspicuous way to protect the building. It took Tropic Tint about a week to complete the project, which included installing more than 1,000 square feet of film on the store’s windows, sidelights, and doors.



Just days after the window film was installed, there was another attempted burglary. Shortly after the store closed at 10 p.m., a burglar used a large, heavy metal object to smash the glass of a front door.

According to the police report, “His entry was hampered by the security film on the doors, and small blood drops were found leading away from the doors.” The burglar was unable to penetrate the 3M Scotchshield window film, and because the broken glass was held together, the burglar’s attempts to reach through the window resulted in injury.

A witness saw him running from the scene. It is not surprising that, when the new glass was installed the following day, the store’s security manager insisted that new 3M Scotchshield security window film also be applied immediately.


The 3M Difference

“The 3M Scotchshield Ultraflex system did everything we had hoped it would do and then some,” says the store’s security manager. “We trusted the 3M name and the quality of its product, and I would say that we certainly got a great value for our money. We could not have asked for a better outcome.” 


Project Summary

3M Dealer: Joanne Schultz, Tropic Tint

Installation Date: August 26, 1999

Area Covered: 1,000 square feet, including windows, doors, and sidelights Installation Time: One week

Type of Film: 3M Scotchshield SCLARL400

Remedies Considered Prior to Window Film: New security alarm system and shutters.

Project Notes: After the glass was broken during a burglary attempt, Tropic Tint was on the scene the following day, installing new Scotchshield security window film. 

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