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3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety and Security Film/Laminate Thwarts Break-in Attempt



No business wants to suffer a break-in and interrupt their day-to-day operations but for a pharmacy, the implications of a "smash and grab" can have far reaching consequences to the public... since prescription drugs usually end up on the streets. This was the dilemma for the Health Centre Pharmacy of the Oshawa Clinics. This past summer, their front window was smashed and thieves made off with prescription drugs. "We knew we had to move quickly to protect the contents of the building so this wouldn't happen again," explains Keith White, Facility Manager, Oshawa Clinics. An alarm system with security cameras was installed but once again, thieves were able to smash through the front window. Glass shards were sprayed into the product and everywhere, disrupting their business. It became clear that even with the alarm, the intruders would still grab prescription drugs. Therefore, another solution was needed.



John Beauchemin, the manager of Vern Glass in Oshawa, was responsible for replacing the glass each time after it was smashed. "This time though," Beauchemin begins, "we didn't just replace the glass. We contacted David Franklin of Franklin Tint and had them cover the glass with 3M™ Scotchshield™ Security Film." The 3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultraflex window film/laminate system creates an effective deterrent against crime, vandalism and intrusion... to address the weakest link that is typically overlooked in any building. This reduces the likelihood of flying glass shards causing injuries, property damage and downtime; and of course, reducing the likelihood of an insurance premium increase.



Sure enough, not much time passed before a third attempt to break-in occurred. This time the vandals were infor quite a shock! While the 3M™ film prevented entry, the glass break sensor activated the alam with the intruders still on the outside of the building. The film had thwarted the thieves attempt to steal drugs from the pharmacy. "We were very relieved to learn the film held," says Louise Smith, Pharmacist Manager, Health Centre Pharmacy. "For the protection of the public it is critical that we prevent this type of robbery. When you think about the narcotics on the premises - as is the case with any pharmacy - the potential danger for the public is huge."


The 3M Difference

There was another added benefit of the Ultraflex system. "Since the film holds the shattered glass in place, window replacement didn't have to occur at 3:00am during high winds and rain when the attempt took place," says Ron Phelps, Project Manager, Window Film Solutions of 3M Canada. "Instead, everyone decided they were able to replace the window in the morning - at a much more convenient time even though it rained throughout the night." The impact on their business was truly kept to a minimum.

Once again, the window is in place along with 3M™ Scotchshield™ film. "There is no question the film worked well," concludes White. "It did exactly what we had hoped it would do."

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